Frequently Asked Questions About Working with

Provide your business info and trip deal at in Persian language

Depending on your business and our timetable, you may be able to start order your own offer with the trip Deals, or a representative may contact you directly to work on your offer with you. Prepare your business and staff using the prep materials our travel counselor team will send you, while customers start coming.

Does claiming my Post affect my SEO?

With Google and other search engines prioritizing local businesses in search engine results pages (SERP), ensuring that your local business sends strong SEO signals can be critical to getting found online. Claiming your business page on authoritative business directories, such as Pages, helps to boost the SEO signals that you are a local business in a few ways:

  • It helps to validate your business’ name, address and phone number in Persian.
  • It encourages customer engagement through reviews, ratings, and feedback. This engagement helps to form your online reputation, a factor that Google uses in your search engine results page ranking.
  • It generates high-quality links from trusted websites to yours.
  • It helps generate referred traffic to your website.

It must be said that Google and other search engines use more than 200 ranking factors to determine the results that show up for any given query. In the age of personalization, localization, and machine-learning, it’s impossible to say with certainty what specific factors will cause your site to rise to the top. However, for the reasons stated above, we believe that claiming and customizing your Post—and other local directory pages—helps send a positive message to search engines that has historically helped improve rankings.

How will customers discover my Post ads?

Customers will be able to discover your Post by searching for your exact business name both in Persian and it’s main language on . They will also be able to find it by searching for your business on search engines, especially when searching for “ <<your business name>>.”

Receive Offers from Buyers

Email notices are sent directly to your inbox from interested buyers.

How much does it cost to run a Local Tourism Deal campaign?

One of the major benefits of working with is that there is no upfront cost to running a Local Tourism Deal for first month. Instead, charges a marketing fee for the promotion of your offer. The specific marketing fee varies based on your industry and market, as well as consumer demand for your offer.

From time to time, uses incentive programs such as promo codes and dynamic pricing to boost consumer demand for offers in our marketplace. To continue offering this marketing support, may recover the cost of these promotions from participating merchants.

How will promote my events? will provide a customized mix of online promotion to Persian customers who are likely to buy tickets for your events, based on language, demographics, location, and more.

How do I customize my business Post?

After ordering your Post, you will receive an email to confirm your information. You can also contact our counselors by emailing at any time. You can adjust your business name, address, and hours of operation. You can also upload images to represent your business, set a cover image, upload a menu, and create your business description.

How does collect feedback from customers?

Customers who have purchased and used your offer can leave feedback that will appear in your post. If they have not opted-out, these customers will receive and be encouraged to fill out email survey soon after redeeming your offer. You can find their responses at the bottom of your Post.

Where will TravelAds be displayed? Ads appear as sponsored listings on the Hotel Search Results pages, the tours Package Search Results pages, and on some Property Detail pages. On the search results pages both in English and Persian, the first-place ad appears at the top of the page, the second-place ad appears in the seventh position, and the third- and fourth-place ads appear at the bottom, and are repeated on each page of the search results.